Post Katrina FEMA Flood Recovery MapsFor those of you that are finding it very hard to find the Post Hurricane Katrina Flood Recovery Maps, click on the maps below for Hancock County, Harrison County and Jackson County.  The correct name for these maps are "Hurricane Katrina Surge Inundation and Advisory Base Flood Elevation Maps".

FEMA has developed two sets of detailed maps to aid Harrison County property owners to repair or rebuild structures to the newly determined advisory coastal flood elevations.  To locate a particular property, the first step is to determine which map panel applies to the area of interest. The paneling scheme (or index) for the Mississippi Gulf Coast counties is shown on the Overview Map (PDF 0.9MB). For example, parts of Bay St. Louis are shown on panels F11 and G11, the open coast of Biloxi spans many panels near I22 to I26, and much of Pascagoula appears on H36 and H37.

Hancock County MS FEMA Flood Recovery Map 

 Harrison County MS FEMA Flood Recovery Map


 Jackson County MS FEMA Flood Recovery Map