City of Biloxi, MSThe City of Biloxi is planning to replace the Popps Ferry Bridge and also widen Popps Ferry Road sometime in the future.  As the North Biloxi area continues to grow, this will happen.  The current plan (not approved yet) is to buy homes located on either side of Popps Ferry Road in the narrow residential section west of the Margaret Sherry Library and continue south of the Popps Ferry Bridge to Pass Road. Please see the pics below to see which properties would be purchased under the current proposal.  This is not a new concern... this was first introduced in 2004.  The second concern for this same area is a new exit that would come from the south end of the current Woolmarket Interstate 10 exit and would connect into Popps Ferry Road through the Sunkist Subdivision and Sunkist Country Club and Golf Course.  A community webpage has been created to update the public from a "watch dog" point of view.  Click HERE to view.  Visit the City of Biloxi municipal website for updates by clicking HERE.

North Biloxi - Popps Ferry Road Rendering 

 North Biloxi - Popps Ferry Road Widening North









North Biloxi - Popps Ferry Road Widening South

North Biloxi - Popps Ferry Bridge Replacement